Eagle Golf Group

in 2018 the Eagle Golf Group has been regrouped and now acts as the parent group. The Eagle Golf Group unites many of the favorite brands in the German golf market. 

However, the history of the origins of the Eagle Golf Group starts way back, seven years earlier. The founders of the Eagle Golf Group have joined their forces when they both had an idea, that was born out of necessity. 

In the context of the increasing digitalization, the founders were looking for an opportunity to ease the transition from analog to digital for retailers who had been mainly unaffected by this process. They went on to develop strategies for online marketing and invented mobile apps for small towns and communities. They also developped a coherent voucher system, which is still heavily used in today's times by local retailers. 

After this massive success, the founders organized a first regional 9 hole series, the Baden-Elsass Golf Cup in 2015. Only four clubs participated and forty tournaments took place with 1100 tournament rounds. 

Thanks to all the positive feedback, there could be the first, German wide 9- hole series in 2016. The 9 Hole Challenge was born. There were now 75 golf clubs participating, 650 tournaments and over 12000 tournament rounds. 

In 2018, the Challenge expanded to Austria. There now were 150 golf clubs participating, 1250 tournaments, more than 10000 players and over 25 000 tournament rounds. Over the span of just two years, the impact of the Challenge multiplied by two. 

Thanks to the amount of experience and expert kowledge of the CEOs of the Eagle Golf Group recognized a trend of combining travel with golf as well as combining golf with lifestyle. Golf is not just the fancy sport of the noblemen in England, but it has become more. Golf has become a way of life. 

This realization made the Eagle Golf Group introduce two new brands. The AGA League and Golf&More. All three brands of the Eagle Golf Group stretch from everyday competitive after work tournaments to exciting golf travel destinations and even the first international Golf Champions League. 

The goal of the Eagle Golf Group is to give its customers and golf players the experiences that make them feel like the real PGA Pros on tour, whether it be on a golf travel trip, an AGA finale or on an after work tournament. 

Loyal to its motto "better fly high", the Eagle Golf Group strives to realize one thing: to help its customers let golf play the big part in their lives, that it deserves.

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